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a medley of potatoes, lyonnaise style.

lyonnaise potatoes *lawd*, is hands down my absolute favorite way to eat potatoes ever, full stop ... period! and I know, I know the word "lyonnaise" sounds so 🧐 ... gaudy and pretentious, but if there's one thing the French are gonna do it's slap a $2 word onto a .50 cent way to prepare some spuds. lyonnaise - simply means to 'cook with onions' preferably w/ sliced potatoes.

I picked this little number up way back when I was in culinary school and have kept it in my back pocket to wow a crowd or two ever since. being the ever-loving lady that I am, i figured I'd dust it off, do right by the people and share this easy but epic dish. I'm convinced the secret to their sumptuousness is in baking and then sautéing, a holy combination.

I've updated the recipe a bit to represent my flavor palette of today but the technique is very much the same.

on to the breakdown ...

[[ a few notes on ... ]] onions

*I used shallots and small bulb onions from the farmer's market in this recipes but please feel free to use any kind of onions you like, Sweet and Spanish are my favorites but I used what I had on hand and it still didn't disappoint.

*also, do right by yourself and crisp up a few to sprinkle over the top, this adds extra texture and you'll thank me later.

grocery list

medley potatoes - (yellow, purple & red potatoes - usually comes in a sack)

shallots (2-3 large) - sliced

dill (garnish)

ingredients I assume you have on hand



fresh cracked black paper

garlic (3 cloves minced)

butter (2TB)


potatoes - any potatoes can stand in for the medley bunch

shallots - again any will do, but I would reach for sweet or spanish onions

🌀 preheat oven to 350 degrees. thinly slice the potatoes and add to a large bowl.

[[ pro tip: short on time and thin on patience? Use a madoline on 3mm or 1/8"]]

🌀 to the bowl, add about 1-2TB of evoo (depending on amount of potatoes). Also, sprinkle 1/2tsp salt and 1/4tsp pepper over potatoes and toss to coat.

🌀 on a sheet pan or in a baking dish, line slices in a single file minding not to overlap, until dish is full. bake for minimum 25-30 minutes before your first 'doneness' test.

🌀 whilst the potatoes cook, add sliced onions (reserve 1/4cup onions to crisp up towards the end) and minced garlic to an oiled (1TB) large sauté pan on medium high heat.

🌀 cook onions until translucent, maybe even slightly browned and kill the heat.

🌀 check in on potatoes as they should be fork tender by now, if not give them another 10-15min. once they are of proper doneness, turn the heat back on and add them to the pan along with 1TB butter.

🌀 sauté onions and potatoes until they are well combined adding salt & pepper to taste. kill heat again and fold in the last tab of butter just for a little more decadence (skip this if you prefer it a little less rich).

🌀 transfer lyonnaise potatoes to a serving platter while you fry your reserved onions.

🌀 drizzle in 2TB of evoo to the same pan on a high heat add onions and fry. cook until they are just crispy, should be a dark golden brown, set aside and allow too slightly cool.

🌀sprinkle over some dill, a pinch of flaky salt and the fried onions! & do absolutely enjoy!

[fun times & food babies, all 2022!]

use the hash #fullayum or tag us @fullayum on IG, if the spirit moves you to make this or any other dish on the site!


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