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cod ceviche.

let the citrus do all the work, you just show up to assemble all of the good bits.

a husky chunk of cod marinated perfectly in lime, garlic, aji amarillo and all of your other veg favorites.

essentially I make this dish pretty close to peruvian authentic, because it is my favorite way to prepare it, with maybe one or two tweaks of my own to my taste. but ultimately it's a very flexible dish and open to a wide range of interpretation. the only must is that you use limes [or lemons] to "cook" the fish. the cook time is another topic up for debate but typically a 2 hr marinate time will get the job done but, of course if you like it more or less well done you can either leave it in the fridge longer or take it out sooner. I suggest beginning to taste test the fish's done-ness after about an hour, until it's your desired texture.

all in all ceviche is one of my all time fav in-betweeners or snacks as you might call them. it's absolutely common place to have a batch in the fridge on a regular Tuesday, to scarf down on it's own or scooped up with tortilla rounds. so it goes without saying I highly recommend you do the same.

if you are more of a visual learner, do check out my ceviche reel on IG.

cod ceviche.

grocery list

cod - 2lbs. bite sized cubes

aji amarillo- 2TB

cilantro - handful chopped

limes - 13 juiced

orange - 1 (large) juiced

shallots - 2-3 (large) thinly sliced

cherry/grape tomatoes - 1 pint halved and quartered

cucumber - 3/4 thick cuc deseeded and small diced

bell pepper - 1-2 (medium) deseeded and small diced

tabasco - heavy dashes

things I assume you have on hand

garlic - 4cloves smashed



cod - any white fish (halibut, mahi mahi, sea bass, snapper) or shrimp

aji amarillo - jalapeño, serrano or fresno chili peppers

orange - grapefruit

shallots - red onion

tomatoes - roma or vine

tabasco - any hot sauce

🌀throw cubed fish in a large bowl, add in aji amarillo, garlic, cilantro, and salt. squeeze in the juice of your limes and orange(s), taking care to cover the fish completely in citrus juice.

🌀place plastic wrap directly onto the fish mixture and begin ''cooking' in the fridge. checking in every hour and stirring the mixture until done.

🌀in between time (maybe an hour before you expect the fish to be done) you can soak your shallots or onions, just to get rid of some of the harshness so as to not over power the dish.

🌀in a small bowl add sliced shallots and 2 heap pinches of salt, pour in enough warm water to cover the shallots. mix and let sit for 15 minutes.

🌀while the shallots soak assemble the rest of the veg for marinating. to another large bowl add remaining ingredients (tomatoes, bell peppers, cucs) and squeeze over the remaining limes (enough to coat not to cover) and a pinch of salt. by now you can drain and rinse the shallots then add to the same bowl.

mix well and let rest in the fridge for another 15min or until you are ready to assemble the ceviche.

🌀once the fish is ready, discard garlic cloves and toss in your veg marinate, mix very well. top with generous dashes of tabasco and if necessary add in more chopped cilantro adjust seasoning.

🌀enjoy with homemade or store bought tortilla chips. this can last up to 2 days in the fridge and only gets better and better as it sits and the flavors meld into each other.


[fun times & food babies, all 2022!]

- check out the reel for this recipe on IG, if you're like me and always need a visual!

- use the hash #fullayum or tag us @fulla_yum on IG, if the spirit moves you to make this or any other dish on the site!

-share your experiences making this dish or suggestions in the comment!


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