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fancy tuna & heirloom tomato pasta w/ fried capers.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

that title makes me feel all types of regal inside but melts the socks off my feet at the same time. in all actuality it's such a rustic dish & to be perfectly honest, the only thing extra about it is that I swapped out your ordinary bumblebee for tonnino tuna filets (in olive oil) and used mixed color heirloom tomatoes. while both of those ingredients give this recipe a little bit more of an elegant atmosphere it tastes so delicious, nonetheless. so, nevermind if you only the usual suspects on hand you're still about to put everybody you feed this to into a food coma.

grocery list

short pasta


heirloom tomatoes

jarred or canned tuna (in olive oil)

parmesan cheese

lemon half (optional)

ingredients I assume you have on hand

olive oil


black pepper (fresh cracked if possible)

italian seasoning

🌀cook pasta according to the box or bag's instructions, do right by Italy and heavily salt your water.

🌀while the water is boiling and you're preparing to toss in your pasta, heat a olive oil (1TBSP) in a saucepan and fry up some capers (2TBSP) then set them aside.

🌀cut tomatoes into a large dice, add to the same pan along w/ the drained tuna. season with Italian seasoning (1TBSP) (I like to add a little bit of liquid from the capers too). at this point, if your saute has dried out add in a half cup of pasta water to loosen your tuna and tomatoes.

🌀drop in your drained pasta (after adding in another cup of pasta water, if necessary).

season with salt & pepper to taste. if you're anything like me everything needs a generous half lemon squeeze but again this is optional, citrus ain't always for everybody.

🌀toss around making sure the taste is amazing, sprinkle over some capers and parmesan then plate up.

** Pro tip: let the pasta sit partially covered for bit, you really want those flavors fuse.

tag #fullayum on insta if you make this dish!


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