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littleneck clams in white wine sauce.

I don't particularly know what it is, but a very no nonsense 'clam in white wine sauce' has the ability to transport me beach side and if there's a great crisp wine to accompany it I might even be sauntering along some hill on the coast of Amalfi. its seldom that a dish has the ability to completely get me in my feels this way, and I love every bit of it.

an all white linen outfit with jc slip-ons, a straw hat and sandy wind blowing across the face, yeah i'm there right now. 🫠 roll with me ...

as mentioned in the title I used littleneck clams, but I love me some cockles and quite frankly any small clam will do what it needs to. be sure they're at their freshest and never forget to clean them before hand. I typically put them in cold sea salted water the moment I bring them into the house. let them clean themselves and burp out all of the dirt and sand trapped in the shells. so, while prepping to cook, they'll be doing their thing and you can let them sit for up to an hour. pair this dish with a pasta of your choice or a tasty toasted and crusty bread. I typically use pasta when I'm making it for dinner and toasted bread whenever it's dressed up as an appetizer or lunch. you can use that methodology or do whatever the hell you want to, either way just make it, immediately 🤣.

littleneck clams with white wine sauce.

grocery list

clams - 1 LB (littleneck, manila, cockles, cherrystone)

white wine - 1C

lemon - 1 to juice (optional zesting)

parsley - small handful (chopped)

chives - small handful (fine chop)

crusty bread - toasted

things you probably have on hand

butter - 4TB

evoo - 2TB

garlic - 4 cloves (minced or very thinly sliced)

salt - to taste

RPF - pinch for cooking; pinch for garnish


🌀 heat a medium pan to medium high and add evoo and butter until just melted.

🌀 toss in garlic and RPF then sauté until fragrant, about 1 minute.

🌀 add clams to the pan and combine with the red pepper flake oil.

🌀 add white wine, 1/2 parsley and a pinch of salt to clams and mix to combine. cover the sauce pan for about 5 minutes to allow the clams to break out of their shells.

🌀 when the lid is removed all clams should be opened, discard any that did not open.

🌀 cut the heat and add another 2 TBS of butter, stir until melted and combined.

🌀 transfer clams to serving vessel and pour over pan sauce.

🌀 garnish with more chopped parsley, chives, and a couple of slices of lemon, serve with some crusty bread.

Feast & have fun!

- check out the reel for this recipe on IG, if you're like me and always need a visual!

- use the hash #fullayum or tag us @fulla_yum on IG, if the spirit moves you to make this or any other dish on the site!

-share your experiences making this dish or suggestions in the comment!


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