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roasted chicken thighs, mediterranean vibes.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

this is such a cozy weeknight meal that gives all the feel goods of a chicken noodle soup. a hodge-podge of mediterranean flavors and melt off the bone thighs. what makes it all the yummier is that it takes the expertise of drawing a stick figure to execute this recipe. simply season, brown your chicken and veg and toss it in the oven to roast. in an hour or less, boom! #yourblessed

let's get into this recipe.

[[ a few notes. ]]

*I typically cook this meal in a batch of 4 (chick thighs) which generally feeds 2-3 people, don't forget to double up the recipe if you're cooking for a larger crowd.

*also feel free to make this dish as refined or rustic as you like, I prefer any one pot, soup or stew rustic, chunky and no frills just huge flavors.

grocery list

chicken thighs (4 pieces)

garlic (6 cloves) - whole

red onions (1) - cut into chunks

yellow potatoes (4 large) - cut into medium chunks

grape tomatoes (3/4 pint) - left whole

can whole tomatoes (3) - squished

jar roasted red peppers - drained, pulled apart

black olives (2 handfuls) - whole & halved

capers (handful) - drained

parsley (handful) - roughly chopped

ingredients I assume you have on hand

olive oil



dried oregano

🌀Preheat oven to 400 degrees. in between time, heat about a tablespoon of oil in a heavy pot or pan, dutch oven if you have one, over a medium/high heat.

🌀begin generously seasoning the chicken with salt and pepper on both sides.

🌀sear the chicken skin-side down until lightly golden (both sides) . remove chicks from pot and add in garlic and onion and allow to sweat for a few minutes.

🌀add in all the rest of the veg, including 1 tablespoon of oregano and excluding parsley.

[[ pro tip: if you're short on time or just plain ole don't want to be bothered w the possibility of un-tender potatoes, I suggest you par boil them when you preheat your oven, that way they're ready to go in when it's time to toss in your veg.]]

🌀return chicks to your cooking vessel and nestle them in nicely, season everything with a little more salt and pepper to taste and if necessary drizzle in a bit of olive oil.

🌀slide pot, pan or tray into the oven and begin checking after 45 minutes. this should be the ideal time for completion, but another 10-15 minutes in if necessary won't hurt either.

🌀once done, sprinkle some parsley over, let rest, serve & enjoy!

tag #fullayum on insta if you make this dish!


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