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sheet pan chicken w/ caramelized veg.

Another day, another sheet pan recipe. 💃🏼

tonight we’ll be having a whole chicken cut into pieces with caramelized shallots, lemon slices, loads of garlic and castelvetrano olives sprinkled over top, all tossed on a sheet pan and roasted to perfection.

this is another easy weeknight rec for all my impatient lazy bone frens.

this is another dish that I added as a part of my last week's instagram reel series 'a week of sheets' a short week of sheet pan recipes/easy to follow weeknight dishes.

[ please check out @fulla_yum on instagram to see the reel of the recipe. ]

[[ a note.]]

for an even cheaper, but equally delicious (if not potentially better) variation of this dish you can opt against the whole chicken and go with all thighs or a combo of dark meat.

grocery list

whole chicken (1) cut into 8 pieces

shallots (3) quartered

castelvetrano olives (1c, pitted and smashed)

garlic (4 cloves) thinly sliced

fresh thyme (8-12 sprigs)

champagne vinegar (little more than a fourth of a cup)

thighs I assume you have on hand

lemon ( 11/2, one thinly sliced and 1/2 squeezed over chicken)




italian seasoning


🌀preheat oven to 400 deg. while the oven is heating up, season chicken pieces on both sides with salt and fresh cracked black pepper, drizzle evoo all over chicken and gentle massage into pieces.

🌀in a heavy pan, brown chicken pieces in batches on both sides and set aside. once all chicken has been browned, use the Champagne vinegar to deglaze pan. with the heat on med/high, reduce vinegar by half, add lemon rounds and quartered shallots. after 3-4 minutes add thinly sliced garlic cloves, let cook until caramelized.

🌀add your veg to the sheet pan and spread out, arrange browned chicken over the bed of veg and season with rpf, fresh thyme sprigs and Italian seasoning.

🌀crumble pitted olives all over chicken and veg right before putting sheet pan into the oven, roast for 15-30 minutes checking doneness after 20 minutes.

🌀 & FEAST.

[fun times & food babies, all 2022!]

- check out the reel for this recipe on IG, if you're like me and always need a visual!

- use the hash #fullayum or tag us @fulla_yum on IG, if the spirit moves you to make this or any other dish on the site!


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