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smashed yukon gold potatoes, smothered in fresh herbs.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

if there's any one place your herbs can have 'a moment ' it's whenever they're ravishingly tossed over some good ole spuds, and my favorite to do so would have to be a tie between yukons and anything new potato-ish [ rihanna wink & point gif ].

It's the kah-luhs for me! let's get into this recipe real quick.

{ recipe. }

🌀 put on a sauce pot [ 2-3 quarts ] 3/4 full of water and bring to a rolling boil.

🌀 drop your potatoes [ 1-2lbs ] in and lower heat to a rolling simmer. we're going to parboil these bad boys. give it about 10 minutes before your first 'doneness' test, they should be just under fork tender. Take off heat and let sit in water for another 5-10minutes (depending on doneness from the jump).

🌀 drain potatoes and let sit until they cool down enough to handle. then lightly smash them with your palm.

🌀 in the meantime, in a large mixing bowl assemble the dressings ingredients. let's start with a good olive oil [quarter cup], squeeze half a lemon, heaping helping of dill (cause uh, everything is better with dill), handful chopped green onions & a sprinkle of parsley; either roughly chopped or plucked leaves. add potatoes to the bowl, delicately toss and then season with salt and pepper. if you wanna get a little freaky add melted butter [3TBSP] or maybe some spicy action? sprinkle in some red pepper flakes [to taste] or a finely chop a chili pepper [1; with its seeds]

🌀 transfer potatoes onto a serving dish and pour over any additional dressing, garnish with preferred herbs and more salt & cracked black pepper.

[ feel free to mix up the herbs w your favorite blends and create new flavors. my suggestions are dill / chives or dill/ cilantro. regardless have fun with it. ]

tag #fullayum on insta if you make this dish!

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