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steak tartare.

oouu la-la and la-di-da, I think someone's fake fancy is showing. [insert repetitive eyebrow raises] 😆 but seriously, steak tartare is an effortless but elegant app or light entree. it's something I try whenever it's on the menu and a dish I indulge myself in making at home when I have some extra tenderloin, you know just casually hanging out in the fridge. I know that raw meat & fish dishes aren't everyones jam, but the ones that love them STAN for them on an astronomical level ... myself being the latter. if you're on the fence try a dish like tartare and bust your palette wide open.

since this is made with raw meat and eggs you are most certainly going to need to use a high quality meat and pasture raised eggs not only for taste but for potential health concerns. it is typically served chilled or at room temp, but in my opinion the colder the better. I find that the flavors are so much more sexy and pronounced if it's been left to "marinate" in the fridge for a bit before serving. It's mostly prep work and can be executed in 20-25 short minutes, so honestly what are you waiting for? so, impress yourself, get you some good wine or a classic cocktail, call over or FaceTime your besties and act up like proper city girls 💁🏼‍♀️!

steak tartare.

(serves 2-3)

grocery list

beef tenderloin - 8oz or 1lb. (minced)

shallot - 1 large (minced)

parsley - 2TB (minced)

capers - 2TB (minced)

chives - 2TB (minced)

lemon - 1 juiced and zested

s&p - to your taste

things you probably have in the fridge or pantry

dijon mustard - 1TB

spicy whole grain mustard - 1TB

egg yolks - 2 for sauce, 1 for serving

olive oil - 1/4C

worcestershire sauce - 1TB

ketchup - 1TB

tabasco - several dashes


beef - top sirloin (pichana) take care to remove fat cap.

flat iron make sure there is not tendon or sinew running through the meat. -absolutely no supermarket steak, reputable market or butcher cuts only.


🌀trim any excess fat off of beef, pat dry with paper towels and place in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

🌀while beef chills, mix together the sauce. in a mixing bowl whisk egg yolks, mustards, lemon zest and juice until smooth. drizzle in olive oil, whisking consistently until emulsified and slightly thickened. season to taste with salt and fresh cracked black pepper. set aside or in fridge until the next step.

🌀remove meat from the freezer and finely chop in 1/4 inch pieces. cut into strips, then in half and then cut those strips into cubes. add to bowl.

🌀finely mince shallots, cornichons, capers, parsley, chives add to bowl with beef and pour over sauce. season with s&p.

🌀taste and adjust seasoning, if necessary.

🌀serve immediately.

[ plating ] use a ramekin or ring mold to shape the tartare on a plate.

🌀garnish w/ extra capers, lemon zest, chopped chives and one egg yolk over top, serve w/ chips, toasty bread or fries.

Feast & have fun!

- check out the reel for this recipe on IG, if you're like me and always need a visual!

- use the hash #fullayum or tag us @fulla_yum on IG, if the spirit moves you to make this or any other dish on the site!

-share your experiences making this dish or suggestions in the comment!

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